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News Center / News / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces controls admission to graduate studies and excludes members of the House of Representatives and the provinces of Presentation - College of Law

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces controls admission to graduate studies and excludes members of the House of Representatives and the provinces of Presentation - College of Law
2013-04-30 11:04:59


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, controls Admission for Graduate Studies for the academic year 2013-2014, and as pointed out that the new regulations do not allow for members of the House of Representatives and members of provincial councils and deputy ministers, advisers and directors-general submitters to it, made it clear that apply to graduate will begin on Monday corresponding to 07/15/2013 and ends on Thursday, 29.08.2013.
The spokesman said the ministry Qassim Mohammed Jabbar, the controls, "which included not be less than the rate advanced to study Master's or equivalent for (65%) that with the exception of the first quarter for the terms of reference for medical and engineering, and the least rate advanced to study for a doctorate from (70% "), indicating that the controls have determined that no more than age of the applicant to study Master's or equivalent to 45 years, and 50 years for doctoral study, excluding the advanced study of Higher Diploma of age and average policeman.
He continued spokesman that the controls stipulated in the advanced study of Higher Diploma and Masters of the staff to be his service functional real for two years after receiving the latest certificate is calculated this service until the first of September in 2013 and a full-time full of the study, as well as required in the advanced study for a doctorate from the staff (except employees of the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Education under the Law of the University Service) having the service functional effective for two years after receiving the latest certificate is calculated this service until the first of September in 2013 and a full-time fully to the study, pointing out that he is entitled to applicants for doctoral study of employees who have been granted a certificate Master within the specified period without extension and got an estimate of at least very good (letter + PY) apply directly the exception of service requirement of two years after the last certificate.
The Titanic that controls provided also that the scientific section conducted an interview of the applicant after the announcement of the results of the final acceptance to determine eligibility for the study by ensuring physical and mental integrity and psychological commensurate with the jurisdiction of advanced, indicating that the introduction of postgraduate be through colleges that opened the door to admission directly, and the right to graduates of private universities recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, apply for Graduate Studies, explaining that the controls did not allow for open educational college graduates under the Ministry of Education to apply to graduate studies for the academic year 2013-2014. And between the official spokesman that the rate based on the trade-off would be to collect the rate that is calculated from (60%), and the entrance exam, which is calculated from 20%, and test the English language, which is calculated from 5%, and test the efficiency calculator which calculates than 5%, and arranging advanced for applicants to study Higher Diploma The Masters, which is calculated from 5%, and the degree of innovation that are at 5% of applicants to study the masters and 10% of applicants for doctoral study, indicating that the controls explained that the weight average blind be 70% rate instead of 60% of the average basis of trade-offs do not count weights language exam English and computer exam for them.
He added that the adoption rate will be the preparatory year degrees only without the message in the event that the holder of a certificate of advanced Masters meets appreciated in cases which do not grant degrees.
He said Jabbar that controls excluded applicants on the channel private expense of a policeman age and average (for non-employees only), but for the staff Vsantbak them instructions leave school No. 165 for the year 2011, adding that he would leave the Council of the university through an extraordinary session determine the number of seats in private expense by Energy الاستعابية and outside the plan acceptance that be announced seats on this channel timing does not exceed a week the announcement of these controls to allow for those wishing to apply to it, explaining that the competent Minister granted study leave for the employee who at least average than the average referred to in clauses (VI and VII) of Article ( 4) of the Instructions holiday Scholarships (165) in 2011 if he had satisfactory functional service of not less than five years to provide a channel for alimony.
Jabbar between the acceptance of the Iraqi Council of Medical Specialties will be according to the terms of the Council after ratification by the ministry.
The spokesman added that controls applicants excluded from the families of the martyrs of old policeman, as amended, and excluded political prisoners applicants only from the age requirement, noting that controls allowed for applicants who grades 64.5% and above and repair to 65 to study the masters.
He said Jabbar said new regulations did not allow for members of the House of Representatives, the President and members of provincial councils and governors, deputy ministers, counselors, general managers and their grade to apply to graduate to the inability to availability requirement of full-time full based on the instructions 26 for the year 1990 and may not be granted study leave based on the Paragraph (4 / I) of the instructions given study leave No. 165 for the year 2011 in order to تفرغهم work assigned to him on according to the instructions window, noting that the ministry explained constantly working principle cancel the reservation desks if only at the level of institutions and according to the guidelines Admission approved for this year.
He Spokesman that controls made it clear that after the completion of the results of acceptance of applicants should calculate the proportion of families of the martyrs of 10% of the seats of study and stipulated by law martyrs No. 10 of Law No. 22 for the year 2009, if not met that percentage and ran out of desks allocated Tribal closest competition within Sort by applicants and outside the average acceptance plan, including at least one seat.
He explained that the controls are added seats curriculum for those martyrs of terrorism after 2003 outside the plan acceptance based on the book General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on 08.28.2012 Subject to the provisions of Article (4 / Item VIII) of the Instructions leave school No. 165 for the year 2011 and Article ( 10 - First) of Law No. 20 of 2009 (Act compensate those affected by the military operations and the mistakes of military and terrorist), which pointed to the intended people with martyrs are (parents / and sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters).
He said he canceled accept students who did not begin their within 14 days from the date of the direct study and solve reservists replace authentic and not promote any transaction outside of this period and assume total responsibility for it, as well as canceled acceptance of the student in the case submitted incorrect information regarding his job and any information relating to the terms of trade-offs.
Spokesman between the date of submission to graduate begins on Monday, 07/15/2013, and ends on Thursday, 08/29/2013, and have an appointment entrance exam on Sunday, 08/09/2013, and will be the English language exam on Monday, 9 / 9/2013, while the efficiency of the computer exam will be held on Tuesday 10/09/2013, admissions will be announced through the electronic system for admission to the university no later than 30/09/2013 with give duration objection to a week, and will be issuing orders for admission to the university no later than Monday 10/07/2013 after the ratification of the names accepted by the University Council to send a copy to the Department of Advanced Employee of the study, indicating that direct students admitted to the graduate will be no later than on Sunday, 13/10 / 2013.
The mighty that he is not entitled to university or formations expansion plan acceptance ratified officially only with the consent editorial from the ministry according to the absorptive capacity is not entitled recycling outside of the plan to the inside, indicating that he would leave for the University Council develop consistent standards and comprehensive to address situations that arise during the implementation of these controls from During an extraordinary session and what does not affect the functioning of the educational process and Rsantha.
He said that the college would bear the audit procedures documents and Health Issue and مفاتحتها to the presidency of the university this, as well as bear the college and the Department of Graduate Studies at the University of the legal consequences and administrative all consequential in the case of non-compliance controls Admission, and non-receipt or promotion of any transaction did not meet the conditions and controls.
The Spokesman outlined that the required documents for submission and acceptance in the graduate is a document graduation Sticky the average number and write the sequence and number of students in the session where he graduated and matching the scientific background of the applicant to obtain a doctorate through the submission of a document graduation for Bachelor, Master, and provide No-objection letter for employees includes the phrase as the following (NOC ministry employee affiliated to it by the introduction of graduate studies for the academic year 2013-2014 and granted study leave in case of acceptance) to have the book signed by the ministry exclusively that belongs to him employee exclusively, adding that the admissions staff brought leave school after 45 days of ordering undergraduate and otherwise admission will be canceled.
Moved from the site of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

writer: Site Manager
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