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News Center / Other Activities / Assessment Law School to mark the occasion of the anniversary of the migration of Sunnah

Assessment Law School to mark the occasion of the anniversary of the migration of Sunnah
2013-11-13 19:11:20

With views of the Hijri year new 1435 and recalling the values ​​fragrant for Migration prophetic messenger of the greatest Muhammad peace be upon him , and under the auspices of Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Ali Hamdani esteemed Dean and the supervision of Dr. Lukman Osman Ahmed esteemed Chief, Division of relations and the media, has established the Faculty of Law / University of Mosul on Sunday, 10/11/2013 big celebration on the occasion said the Prophet during which the host brand Prof. Dr. Imad Eddin Khalil historian and thinker and writer and storyteller and poet , historian and world polymath , where he delivered in the hall of the Martyr Dr. Leila Abdullah Saeed lecture value recalled the side of the lessons outstanding and distinct lessons and Illuminations on Immigration incident , has made the presence of Dr. Imad Eddin Khalil great picture and distinct from the new dimensions of migration by linking them by the nation and are suffering from problems . The ceremony was attended by Mr. Dean and the members of the College Board and a number of the members of the faculty and a number of students and professionals , was followed by the lecture group comments and interventions made ​​by Dr. Mohammad Thanon Atraqchi and Dr. Qais Abdul Wahab and Dr. Abdul Hakim al-Ghazal and Dr. Mohammed Abbas and Dr. Khalaf Ramadan, then concluded closing ceremony word to Mr. Dean Esquire in which he praised these efforts and praised the value of lecture and stressed the keenness of the college to communicate with the flags of Mosul and scholars to serve the development of the college and upgrading them.


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