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News Center / Other Activities / Platform training session and twenty-ninth organized by the Faculty of Law - University of Mosul

Platform training session and twenty-ninth organized by the Faculty of Law - University of Mosul
2013-06-03 09:06:41


We include below your curriculum development cycle and twenty-ninth as follows:
Recitation from the Holy Quran
Password Mr. Dean, Faculty of Law
Speech Session Manager
Showing of the documentary, scientific and cultural activities
Call President Dr. session. Mohammed Abbas al-Zubaidi
The end of the first session
Sunday, 02.06
- Mr. Judge Amer Merhi Rubaie / ((role of the lawyer in providing defenses and its impact
In ensuring the right to litigate))
D. Horses Thamreddhlmy the / ((role of the lawyer in a civil action))
Monday, 06.03
Dr. Judge Ahmed Alhrithi / ((role of the lawyer in providing defenses
The criminal case at the trial stage))
Dr. Talal Abdul Hussein Bedrani / role of the judge in the criminal prosecution
Tuesday, 06.04
 Mr. Judge Bashar al-Jubouri / ((role of the lawyer in legal proceedings))
D. Qais Abdul Wahab Hayali / ((problematic divorce reactionary between the text and the application))
Wednesday, 05.06
Dr. Ammar Saadoun al-Mashhadani / ((legal system of the Agency بالخصومة))
M. M. Saddam Khaz'al / ((lights on important decisions of the Federal Court of Cassation))
Thursday, 06.06
M. Thank proper / ((the professional relationship between human rights lawyer _ the employee and the judge))

writer: Site Manager
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